review: four Women

 “Williams paints the story of these four women in bold brushstrokes and is a master of the old writer's adage "show, don't tell." The book shows you, perhaps, what you need to see to understand a sliver of the challenges black women face in a post-Trayvon Martin world. Williams has storytelling skills — and a message — not unlike Tony Morrison's, although Williams's storylines are more straightforward (who else here had to keep re-reading passages of Beloved?). Four Women brings you into the lives of four black women in a country that doesn't see them as having much value, and the craft is such not often seen in self-published books.”


review: the appeal of ebony jones

“Her curious readers aren’t wrong, after following and caring about Ebony, Dawn, Soleil and Johnnie, it’s not easy to walk away, with no idea how things turn out. But more than a simple denouement of the story, Appeal offers a compelling window in the psyches of these woman, after their lives become radically different. If Four was a startling ride into the heart of their lives, Appeal gives ground to the circumstances of the characters. Now that Ebony’s trial is over, they must return to address the complex minutiae in which they exist.”


review: love never fails

“Her characters personas and flaws are deepened through evaluating their relationships with love and respect for the written crisis. Williams characters ascend from the pages to teach lessons that love can endure and how reaching inside our core selves resonates on whether you can move forward to complete your journey.”