Coming August 2018

Coming August 2018

Guilty. Not Guilty. 

Those are the only options facing Ebony Jones. She is standing trial in the death of Judge Barker Gordon. A crime she says she did not commit. Defended by her boyfriend, and former State Attorney James Parnell, the two of them are left at the mercy of the jury. Do they believe Ebony is a cold and calculated killer, or a domestic abuse survivor defending herself the best way she knew how?

Supported by Judge Gordon’s ex-girlfriend, Soleil St. James, news anchor Dawn Anthony, emergency room surgeon Doctor Jonelle “Johnnie” Edwards and her estranged mother, Ayana Jones, Ebony must redefine her relationship with each woman as she grapples with the prospect of imprisonment. 

This contentious fate threatens to erode her relationship with James. As they unpack the roots of their relationship, the circumstances of Judge Gordon’s death, and what comes next, Ebony and James are forced to decide if what has kept them together is lust, love, or lies. In the fight for freedom, truth, and justice Ebony and James push the boundaries of their affection, and complicate the laws of their attraction, as they ask each other and are forced to answer: What’s the appeal?





What happens to four strangers when the present meets the past and the whole world is watching?

This is the story of four women. Soleil St. James, Dawn Anthony, Ebony Jones, and Dr. Jonelle "Johnnie" Edwards all live, work, and love in Jacksonville, Florida. The women from four different backgrounds are bonded when their worlds collide after one event both tragic and triumphant, brings them together and tests them in ways they've never imagined. 

In a post Ray Rice, Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, and Michael Brown world Soleil, Dawn, Ebony and Jonelle all question their place as African-American women. Is the Black woman still the mule of the world? Can justice be served when the suspect is also the victim, and the victim has a hidden criminal history? In a world where stand your ground is immunity from prosecution for murder, or a license to kill, and domestic violence is scarcely recognized, what options does any one woman have?